Bend, OR
October 10th-November 6th, 2021

10 Barrel Time Trial Solo Series

Virtual TT Races on Skyliners - Fall 2021

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Week #1 - The OG

Course: Skyliners OG (Counterclockwise)
  • 8.29 mi
  • 15
  • $15

Week #2 - Trailhead and back again!

Course: Skyliners 2021 Long Course
  • 15.52 mi
  • 15
  • $15

Week #3 - Back to the OG

Course: Skyliners OG (Counterclockwise)
  • 8.29 mi
  • 15
  • $15

Week #4 - Save the long fo' last

Course: Skyliners 2021 Long Course
  • 15.52 mi
  • 15
  • $15

Sponsors - Over $9,000 in Unlockable Perks & Prizes!:




Time Trial Solo will donate 10% of all registration fees to these awesome non-profits. We've chosen these organizations because they mentor our kids to become incredible people and athletes.


What is the 10 Barrel Solo Series?

The Solo Series is a low-key high-fun factor is five unique low-key high-fun-factor dispersed race events held over 4 weeks in and around Bend, OR. It includes mountain biking, gravel riding, road & trail running, hiking, and road cycling time trial races. To learn more about the Solo Series, including how you can save almost 60% off registration fees, click here.


What is Time Trial Solo?

The Time Trial Solo Series is a low-key high-fun factor dispersed time trial race series held over 4 weeks on Skyliners in Bend, OR.  Time Trial Solo enables you to race how you want, when you want, against real racers on real courses for position and awesome prizes and unlockable perks. 


This year's series features 4 one-week long stages featuring a different course each week.  In the spirit of the Tour de France, overall leaders (by gender + category) are awarded yellow arm sleeves to wear while riding as they maintain their lead in their respective category.


Each stage can be run as many times as you'd like during the week-long stage time window.  The first time you've completed each course, you'll unlock awesome perks like a $5 pub coupon from 10 Barrel, a 12-oz drip from Thump Coffee, 2-for-1 go karting at K1 Speed, and other awesome local sponsors.


But wait there's more, every time you complete a course, you add another entry into a weekly raffle with killer prizes K1 Speed, Banana Phone, and other sweet goodies.


All you need is a helmet, a bike, and a GPS-enabled device like a Garmin, Wahoo, or smart phone.


How does it work?

  • You can register for all of the stages or just one.
  • The series consists of stage races. Each week will produce a podium (by gender and category). In the spirit of the Tour de France, overall leaders (by category) will be awarded yellow arm warmers to wear while riding as they maintain their lead in their respective category.
  • You’re racing against other riders, just not necessarily at the same time.
  • For each race, you’re welcome to do as many attempts as you'd like during the race window.  Each race window will start at 12:01 am PDT on Sunday and end at 11:59 pm on the following Saturday (7 days).
  • Load each race course onto your device by downloading it from the race web page.
  • The courses are loops.  That means wherever you start on the course is your start/finish line. So you don’t need to start your activity tracker when you start your effort. Just roll on into the course.  As soon as you are on-course, that’s your start line, and your finish line. Just make sure to ride through where you started!
  • In cases when you have to cross a major street, intersection, highway, etc. We've created NEUTRAL zones where you can stop for up to 2 MINUTES without a time penalty. Be safe, be mindful. Look before you go.
  • Track your race attempts using your GPS-enabled activity tracker or smartphone.
  • Sync efforts either by exporting a GPX file from your activity tracker or smartphone. You can also automatically sync using your Strava account.
  • You must register for the stage before riding it to count for the standings (i.e. no riding first and then registering).
  • You must follow the published course closely. If you deviate from the course by 200 meters or more, your race attempt will be excluded from the rankings.
  • Your fastest race attempt counts during the time window.
  • Efforts must be submitted within 24 hours from the time the attempt has started.
  • Login and track your progress on the race leaderboards and activity feed.
  • The race series calculates scores for all efforts during the 4-week series timeframe. Awards will be presented for top finishers in each Gender and Category.
  • Post photos and videos to the socials using #10barrel #timetrialsolo #soloseries #bendoregon


How is this different from other “virtual” events these days?

Most virtual events require participants to ride a specific distance but are allowed to run on their own chosen course. The biggest difference with Riding Solo is that all you are competing on the exact same routes, roughly during the same time, but on your own schedule! In other words, you're riding “with” or racing “against” other participants on the same course, just not necessarily at the same time.


  • So. The first and BIGGEST difference. You're competing on the same course as everyone else.  Only, you’re able to race it whenever and however many times you want. On your own! Each race takes place over the race window. Go as many times as you’d like to hit your best time. 
  • The second difference is the way the courses work. They’re loops. So wherever you first enter the course becomes your start finish line.  That being said, our course maps start and end in a specific place. So you’ll need to edit them if you plan to start/finish somewhere else.
  • The third difference is you gotta stay 6 ft apart from all other racers!  PERIOD.  We care about you and others' safety.


Event Dates

October 10 - November 06, 2021



Kids (under 12) race FREE. Use the code BENDKIDS!

Youth (12-17) race HALF PRICE. Use the code BENDYOUTH!

(be sure to include the !)


Early Bird Pricing (before October 10)


  • $50 for all 4 stages
  • $15 for 1 week/stage


Regular Pricing (October 10 - November 06)


  • $60 for all 4 stages
  • $20 for 1 week/stage


Rules Overview

  • Racers must complete the courses during the race time frames
  • Any GPS device that can sync to Strava or export GPX files can be used to submit your times.
  • Race times must be submitted no more than 24 hours after that attempt has been started.
  • Racers must follow the courses published (download the GPX to run it for turn-by-turn directions if your computer supports navigation directions)
  • Racers must keep 6 feet distance from other racers as best they can. Passing and yielding is the only exception (aka NO DRAFTING).
  • Racers MUST Follow all rules of the road/trail and etiquette
  • Pack it in pack it out (aka Leave no Trace)
  • Be a S.H.A.R.K (Safe, Honest, Accountable, Responsible, Kind)


Need help or want to contact us?

If you do need to contact us with any questions, thoughts, issues, or to share any epic photos/moments, please message us using the little help bubble in the lower right corner on each page of this site.

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Long Course
Jason Wiener
Short Course
Pat McMahon
Long Course
Robert Paulson
Long Course
Jason Wiener
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Important Dates



Registration Opens
Check back on September 22 @ 12:00 am to register for races



Registration Closes
Be sure to register for races before November 6 @ 12:00 am



Racing Starts!
You can start running your race efforts beginning October 10 @ 12:00 am



Racing Ends
You must complete your race efforts and sync them by November 6 @ 12:00 am